• Xu S & P shoes held a celebration ceremony

    Author: 管理员 Time: 2017-08-28

  • In order to carry forward the spirit of labor, rich and active atmosphere of festive culture, the company hosted the "celebration May 1 cum Xusheng shoes industry celebration" held in the company square. Company invited professional performing arts company to build the stage, equipped with advanced audio and lighting equipment, and invited a number of professional actors to the scene. The party program is rich and varied, the company players and foreign actors on stage to perform dance, solo, magic, and other programs. My company chairman Pan Jianguang, general manager Pan Jiabao, deputy general manager Huang Chunchao and other leaders, have to watch the show at the scene. The atmosphere of the whole party was warm and happy. Company employees self-directed several dance programs, showing a very high professional standards, many times to the climax of the party.


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