Wenzhou Xusheng Shoes Co., Ltd. is a modern shoe-making enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. The company is located in China's Wenzhou Creek Sanxi Industrial Park, north of the scenic Yandang Mountain Scenic Area, east of the East China Sea, about 30 kilometers away from Wenzhou Airport, from the Yongtaiwen high-speed and Jinliwen high speed of about 10 km and strategic location, the environment beautiful.


Since the establishment of the company, in the chairman Pan Jianguang and general manager Pan Jianbao under the leadership of the "dedication, innovation, pioneering and enterprising" business philosophy, continue to grow and develop, and Wenzhou has become more well-known large and medium-sized shoe-making enterprises.


The company currently has the international advanced production line 7, sewing machine line 23, more than 2,000 employees. Professional development and production of various types of men and women shoes. The company has a strong design and production capacity and improve the organizational structure and management experience. Under the Ministry of Development, Production, Ministry of Commerce, commodity quality, administrative finance and other departments clear division of labor, good cooperation, making the company can quickly develop and grow.


In 2003, the company set up Italian Ricardo trading company in Italy, and in Italy, Russia, Czech Republic and other countries and regions set up direct sales center, dozens of countries abroad have their own registered trademark. Company design closely follow the international trend, the products are exported to Europe and the United States more than 30 countries and regions by consumers praise. At present, the company already has "lalikaer", "BRIGHT HORSE" and other well-known own brand, but also and "TOMS", "SKECHERS", "DEER STAGS" and other well-known international brands to establish a good brand of cooperation.


Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue! Looking at the world and creating excellence! We wholeheartedly welcome friends at home and abroad visit the guide, we would like to join with the majority of friends, create brilliant!

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Friends from all walks of life, how are you?

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For a long time, the company has always been in a "dedicated, innovative, pioneering and enterprising" business philosophy, relying on a strong technical force and sound management system, and continuously meet the needs of users, breaking a line with the characteristics of the development of the road. After years of hard work, Xusheng shoes has developed into a considerable scale, economic and social benefits of the growing modern enterprise. Heiner rivers, there is tolerance; look at the world, to create excellence. Looking ahead, we are full of confidence. Sincerely welcome the community insight to my company to visit the guide, business negotiations.

Five team principles
Ideally declare team, goals, actions, results to achieve team;
Team win, personal win;
Commitment and action to support
Trust is equal to support, and authorization...
Xu Sheng team conviction of self-confidence
With my ideal and commitment to dominate my mind behavior,
Rather than to feel or evaluate and measure.
One hundred percent time, one hundred percent...
Xu Sheng team faith to adhere to
Eager desire, firm belief!
Faith is a pearl in the journey of life, both in the sun shine
Shiny, but also in the night shining.
Effective action, steel will!
Help you complete your dreams and...
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